To ensure access for your guests to the JFC Naples Lago Patria NATO base, you must register all guests on


  1. Push “Registration” button – provide your data
  2. Confirm your registration, EMAIL
  3. LOGIN
    1. “Expansion”
    2. Guest Registration
    3. Provide necessary info about your guests
  4. Print Receipt
  5. Take your receipt and pay and pick up your braceletes
    • at the International Store JFCNP (regular Opening hours) or
    • at Capodichino
    (in accordance with the pre sale roster)

Additional Info

Once reported and positive checks are implied, guest(s), as well as supporting personnel will have the permission to enter the base and to go on the most direct route to Leonardo Park respectively for the event day or the reported time period. Guests are only allowed to enter the Base with Private Owned Vehicles which have been registered on the website.
No other sponsoring will be allowed at main gate on the day of event.

Guest registrations closure

The "GUEST" registration will be closed Wed 14 Oct 2020 23:59.
The "NATO-ID card" and "NATO Member National Military ID" registration will be closed Sat 17 Oct 2020 23:59.

Until then you are allowed to amend, change, or delete your data. An extension cannot be granted as your provided data will be cross checked by the security section.

Mug prices
on Oktoberfest event day in € in $
large (1 ltr) 15 18
small (0.5 ltr) 10 12

!!!DISCOUNT and SPECIAL OFFER (only at pre-sale)!!!

Mug prices
during pre-sale in € in $
large (1 ltr) 12 15
small (0.5 ltr) 8 10